3 Morning Activities to Start a Great Business Day


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Set yourself up for a successful day with these three tips for a great start.




You won’t get too far when you start your day on empty. Enjoy a breakfast between 200 and 400 calories that includes protein and whole grain carbs. You’ll have more energy and feel satisfied longer.


Take at least 5 minutes to get clarity and focus through meditation. Take a deep breath if that feels comfortable. Alternatively, you can visualize the face of a loved one. Let go of any tension in your body, straighten your spine and keep your attention on your breath or the visualized face for five minutes. When your mind starts bouncing around from meetings to deadlines, gently return your attention to the breath.


Scan relevant news briefs for anything you’ll need to know when you talk with others or make business decisions today.


Get organized


Review or write your to-do list

If you prepared one last night do a quick review to be sure listed tasks are still the best use of your time today. If you are starting from scratch, bear in mind the end goal as you make your list. Know where you’d would like to end up when the day is done and plan your list accordingly.

Everything in its place

Don’t waste time searching for anything today. Organize your desk or work space and gather any files or supplies you need in advance. You’ll save valuable time later. Researchers found that it takes about 25 minutes to back to work after an interruption, and the quality of work suffered.




Check in with co-workers

Briefly engage team members to learn about what is going on and to nurture connections.

Return phone calls

Designate a time first thing in the morning and one other time to return phone calls. If possible, let everyone know of your policy so you don’t cause yourself any anxiety by delaying calls or others as they wait for calls.

Respond to emails

Like with phone calls, designate one or two times each day to check and respond to messages. This will help you avoid the constant distraction of pop-up messages or the temptation of checking your box all day.


How you start your day can significantly impact your productivity. Take the time to prepare the workspace (get everything organized), work plan (make a to do list that makes sense), and the worker (do what you can to bring your best self to the day). These three activities make a great start and add up better work day.

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