4 Ways To Reset During A Long Weekend

Reset During A Long Weekend


Long weekends don’t come around often but when they do, they bring excitement you can feel in the air. The workspace buzzes with anticipation. Are there best ways to make the most of the extra day? You bet! Here are just four.


Pick a project

There are two tricks to choosing a project that helps you hit the reset button.

  1. The project should feel good to you. For example, choose to do something that pulls you “in the zone” or connects you with your most authentic, unguarded, present self. Here you are not thinking about anything except the experience and enjoyment of your project. It can be anything, as long as it feels restorative—dancing, biking, building, and so on.
  2. Alternatively, your project could be something that strokes your sense of self. If you are the kind of person for whom accomplishing a particular task sends you into a feel-good universe, pick your project and blast off.


Loaf purposefully

It can be a little tough to get the hang of intentional idleness. To do it you will need to start by giving yourself permission to rest and be still. Remember, sharpening the saw can help you return to work with new clarity, motivation and vigor. Choose comforting activities like reading, binge watching, or communing with nature. Several recent studies have found that heading outdoors is a great way to reduce stress.


Head out of town

Changing your scenery and/or routine is a fast way to reset during a long weekend. Short on funds? You don’t have to purchase a plane ticket to get away. Consider camping, local hotels or even crashing with friends. The goal is to interrupt your regular routine and enjoy a little novelty. Brains thrive on novelty, which lights up reward centers. Getting out of the house is the ticket if you’ve been trapped in a rut.



Take the time to address any pressing work tasks before you start your long weekend. Leave a vacation message on your email and let co-workers know you will not be available during the weekend. If you must handle a work task, set clear boundaries and limits. Let this weekend be a time to talk with the people in front of you rather than those on social media. Take time for a few deep breaths. Slow down and taste your food. Know that you are more than your professional self. Use the long weekend to nurture other parts of you.

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