5 Modern ways to organize your life in 2017

Looking to get an organizational jump on the New Year? Here are five ideas for easy order that helps you do more of the things that matter.



Tackle Resolutions with Bindertek Binders

Two big reasons New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned are unrealistic expectations and unclear motivation. Understand the why of your goals before you decide on the top two (this is a good number so you aren’t trying to do too much at once). What is the feeling you are after? When you know how you want to feel and the feeling you are after really matters to you, you will understand what is motivating you to achieve the goal, and the how of accomplishing it will be easier.


Now that you know why you want to finally cross this resolution off of your list, you have to plan how. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will likely have to commit to several weeks or months of effort to make solid progress. Use a binder to break your goal into weekly and monthly steps. Our One-Touch 3 Ring View Binder, with customizable index tabs, is perfect for this job. Devote a tab to each month and include your break out list of target behaviors and benchmarks. Use checklists and checkmarks to help you stay on track. Include photos, clippings and more in binder envelopes and photo pages. Everything you need to stay encouraged and chart your progress will be in one convenient and organized place.


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Make lists you’ll love

Some lists need light and air before their words can come into being. Don’t hide your to-do’s. Put them up in lights so they stay top of mind. Save brain space for other things like ideas for your novel or next great design. Try a magnetic glass board by Sigel of Germany and don’t worry about dropping the ball again.



Corral clutter to create a comfy and productive space

New Year, New You….make a space to do your best work with Bindertek Bright desk organizers. Letter trays, letter boxes and magazine files let you keep everything you need close at hand sans the junky piles. According to a Forbes article, clutter undermines productivity and motivation. In other words, your performance is directly related to your workspace.  Modular desk organizers are another great option. Arrange them in your favorite combination and spend more time working productively instead of looking for things you’ve lost.



Organization is in the bag

Bindertek offers a full line of briefcases and bags designed to transport anything you need on the go with style. With wheels or without and room for your technology, too we have the perfect bag whether you are traveling across the country or across the street. Add quickfile folders in a variety of colors to easily identify contents in the bag.



Don’t forget your home office

Maybe you can’t devote an entire room but you can certainly carve out a corner to make a home office. Creating a command central can help you direct all the areas of your life from one place so you feel less scattered. Find a closet or nook and hang a white board. Add a small desk, letter tray and/or letter box and our space saving ergonomic, adjustable stool. Taming projects, the family calendar or budget is suddenly a bit easier. Store old bills and important documents in our home office file cabinets. Available in six colors and two drawer styles, they are easy on the eye yet sturdy, compact and secure.


Modern organization is easy because there are so many tools available for just about every job. Let Bindertek help you get started on your best year yet. Check out our catalog for more ideas.



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