7 Tips for Using Binder Stands

Binder Stands for Presentations


Need to give an impressive presentation? Binder stands can help you pull off a polished presentation on the go, in the office, or virtually anywhere there’s a flat surface. Check out these 7 tips to get the most out of your binder stand.


1. Orient for best view

Our binder stand boasts telescopic legs that adjust for vertical or horizontal view. For maximum audience engagement, choose an angle and orientation that will display your Power Point slides, charts, and graphics to their best advantage.


2. Present with confidence

By using a binder stand, you can deliver your presentation ‘hands free’ to make a lasting impression on your audience. Illustrate key points using your hands or body language, and move around freely to connect with your listeners. Simply flip to the referenced page and deliver your remarks while your audience enjoys the accompanying visuals.


3. Be comprehensive

With preparedness comes confidence, and binders are ideal for gathering everything you need in one filing system. Use index tabs as a tool to mark key sections, allowing you to easily flip to the relevant page without stopping the flow of your presentation. No need to pare down documents you could potentially use—our binder stand can accommodate materials of up to ten pounds, so you can be as thorough as you need to be!


4. Use add-ons

Binder stands aren’t just for binders. The included spine clip can hold large documents, files, or folders. Consider using a second binder stand for supplementary materials or anything you want your audience to keep their eyes on.


5. Keep your head up

Let your audience follow the presentation with their own binders. If working in a small group, use multiple stands and lift every binder from the conference table onto stands. Doing so will make it easier to scan materials and keep eye contact for better conversational flow.


6. Bring back-up binders

Use additional display binders throughout the presentation space to share more about your work. Participants can review these extra binders during breaks or before the meeting to gain a fuller understanding of your mission or vision. Set up this display in a separate part of the room to avoid your main presentation binder getting misplaced.


7. Set up shop on the go

Binder stands make it easy to nail everything from a brief presentation at an expo fair, to a major conference, or even when calling on a client. When your supporting documents and visuals are close at hand and displayed professionally, you have a higher chance of making a lasting impression. Our binder stand collapses for easy travel and won’t be a hassle to take with you on the go.


Use binder stands to deliver your presentation with more confidence and to stretch your creativity. Take your idea out of your head and make the vision come alive for your audience. Let them see, so they will be sold.

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