Be Prepared with an Emergency Binder

Be prepared. Organize important insurance policies, deeds, bank statements and more.
Keep important documents organized and ready for emergencies.

On October 29, 2011, the Northeast experienced a rare October winter storm, which turned out to be more of a trick than a treat. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power for more than a week, including Bindertek headquarters in Amherst, MA. Thanks to generators, a reliable web store and dedicated staff, Bindertek was able to operate smoothly despite the unexpected lengthy power loss. And because of our binder-based organization system, we were even more prepared to weather the unplanned event.

Help from the Emergency Binder

Our binder-centric staff had the foresight to keep all the necessary operations information in an organized binder. Accounts, contacts and operating procedures are all easily referenced and indexed in a Bindertek Binder. While we never could have imagined losing power for over a week, our trusty emergency binder helped us provide customer support and ship orders as usual.

Emergency Binders for the Workplace

Most companies have contingency plans for worst case scenarios, but the commonplace snow days, sick days, “my car won’t start” days and family emergencies can cause disruption too. Every employee should have a binder filled with all the pertinent information related to his or her job. This handy binder provides a guide for co-workers to help out when necessary.

Emergency Binders for Home

Contingency plans are just as important at home. As soon as bad weather tracks our way, most of us stock up on bottled water, flashlights and other provisions. It’s also smart to stockpile important documents like homeowners’ insurance policies, deeds, bank statements and contact information in a portable binder. A binder is easy to grab and go in a flash if needed. Just thinking about potential emergencies can cause anxiety, but a good plan (along with a good binder) can help ease the “what-ifs.”

Thank You to Our Customers

On a personal note, we would like to thank our customers who have been so supportive during our power outage. Our power was restored on November 7, 2011, but we are still experiencing sporadic phone issues. If you have not been able to reach us by phone at our 1-800-456-3453 number, we apologize. You can reach us by phone at 1-413-256-3200. And you can always reach us by email at Our web store is running smoothly and orders are being processed and shipped promptly as usual. Thank you for your patience.

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