Behind the Scenes of Our Catalog Photo Shoot

Open Office Space


Last weekend we held a photo shoot for our upcoming catalog at local co-working space AmherstWorks. This gorgeous location was perfect for us, with lots of wood tables, plants, several conference rooms, and scattered seating nooks that we could utilize. Huge thanks to AmherstWorks for hosting our shoot. Originally the building was a bank, and one of their conference rooms is called The Vault and features the original bank vault door!


Bank Vault Door


Our goal was to shoot a new catalog cover photo, some new photos for the catalog pages, and additional photos to add to our growing photography library. Before the day of the shoot, we spent a few weeks deciding upon the products we needed to photograph, our general concept for the look of the photos, and gathering props. We brought primarily Bindertek products and included a few options from our sister brands Empire Imports and Boundless Notebooks to take advantage of our time in the space. Shooting over 600 photos was a lot of work, but the end results were worth the hard work of planning, styling, and transporting all the products to our shoot location.


Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes


Three Binders on Table


We look forward to showing you more photos from our shoot in the coming months and in our 2018 catalog!

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