Celebrate Love Litigating Lawyers Day

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“Lawyer jokes abound, but when push comes to shove, these are the folks who can end up saving the day.” Source: http://www.wellcat.com/holiday.html

Did you know today is Love Litigating Lawyers Day? “Holiday” creators Ruth and Tom Roy, with more than seventy copyrighted holidays to their credit, have deemed August 31 as Love Litigating Lawyers Day, a day to celebrate the valuable work of litigators. You can celebrate just about everything at www.wellcat.com . Be sure to mark your calendars for Wonderful Weirdos Day on September 9 and Fish Tank Floorshow Night on September 28.

At Bindertek, we like a good celebration – and while we value all the “wonderful weirdos” and lovers of aquariums, we’re especially proud to serve law professionals who truly make a difference. We never lose sight of the important work litigators do, and we make it our business to offer the best law specialty products.

Bindertek’s wide range of law office essentials help you stay focused on what truly matters. Our Trial Notebooks and Law Practice Specialty Index Tabs keep you organized from the first meeting with a client to closing arguments in the courthouse. With everything you need from quality binders, exhibit cases and binder caddies, Bindertek makes it easy to stay organized and deliver your best work.

Take Time to Thank a Litigator Today.

In honor of hard working litigators, Bindertek is offering 10% off our classic Barrister Binders now through September 6, 2011. Use Coupon Code BAR811 for discount.

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