Color Me Organized | Easy Office Updates

You can create a productive, stylish office with just a few ofice products.

We do our best work when we are comfortable in our environment, surrounded by colors, textures and styles we like. In a corporate setting or home office, realities like a limited decorating budget, co-workers’ tastes and building codes can get in the way of complete office Zen. Here are a few easy tips to transform your workspace into your own productive paradise without breaking the budget or company policy.

Express Your Style in Every Day Objects

You may not be able to change the color of your computer monitor or desk, but you can choose desk accessories that inspire you. Personalize your work area with a colorful desk blotter and stapler. Add matching letter trays, accordion files and storage boxes to combat unsightly desktop clutter. Available in six hues, our Semikolon Desk Organizers add a burst of color and brighten any cubicle or drab corporate office.

Combine Style with Function

One of the easiest ways to boost the efficiency and aesthetic of your office is to gain control over paperwork. Binders offer the best defense against piles of paper. Organize daily projects and printouts in binders and keep your desk tidy. Within the same amount of time, you can place a piece of paper in a messy pile or index it in a binder. Would you rather flip to the information you need in a binder or sift through a stack of papers?

Organize with Color

The right binders can do wonders for your office décor. With well designed details like steel finger holes and linen-textured covers, Bindertek Binders add a classic, tasteful look to any space. Bindertek Binders are available in up to seventeen colors to complement any style, from soothing Harvest Gold to energizing Canary Yellow.

You can use binder colors to visually categorize your files. Pick a color that you associate with a particular grouping, like green for financial records and red for hot projects. Or choose binders that match your office color scheme, company logo or alma mater. Check out our Binder Color Guide for ideas and Shop by Binder Color.

Display Color in Unexpected Ways

For an affordable style update, add binder-friendly Cube Carousel Shelving or Picco Shelving to your office. With colorful magnetic panels, these shelving units add fun and function to any workspace. The snap-on panels are available in six colors, so you can switch out your style anytime.

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