Easy Upgrades For Lawyers

As a lawyer, you need to stay organized to deal with your case load, remember fine details, and handle the overwhelming amount of paperwork your office processes. Take time to invest in new office organization on a regular basis to innovate and streamline your work flow. Whether you’re looking to take your established law firm to the next level or are just starting out with your first firm of your own, here are some easy organizational upgrades ideal for lawyers.


Add Extra Storage Anywhere


Adhesive Pockets

Our half-page and full-page adhesive pockets are perfect for sticking just about anywhere to create a custom storage option. Add one to an Accordion Expanding Wallet and use the pocket to hold a time-sheet to track your billable hours, a list of important deadlines for your paralegals to keep an eye on, argument reminders to focus on during trial, or any other document you need to have quick and easy access to.


Industry Specific Index Tabs For Lawyers


Index Tabs

If you’re using generic index tabs, consider upgrading to one of our legal index tab sets. From Arbitration to Workers Compensation and everything in between, our industry-specific index tabs are designed to meet your needs and can handle all your specialty filing right out-of-the-box. Already hip to our legal tabs? Go a step further and have custom index tabs made to fit your firm’s unique case load to ensure your filing system is in tune with your business.


Fast Organiztion with QuickFile


File Folders and Organizers

Quickly sort and store documents awaiting your immediate attention using a QuickFile Folder or a Numbered 1-12 Desk Organizer, rather than letting them pile up on your desk. With individual slots for multiple documents, complete with sight holes on each page, these organizers are ideal for days when your schedule is overflowing. Use them to pass documents to paralegals and other support staff members too, without worrying about the pages getting mixed out of order.


Organization for Client Files


Slip Cases

The cherry on top of an organized binder? A slip case! Slide a 2”or 3” binder into a slip case to create a polished client file which is sure to impress. Use one to transport a binder across town or to court and conceal your confidential document from prying eyes. Save time by upgrading even further to our Corporate Kits, which include a customized binder, slip case, and more.


With a few carefully chosen additions to your office, you’ll be able to upgrade your organization process effortlessly and enjoy a more productive work flow.

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