Essential Items for the Job Interview



You cleaned up your LinkedIn profile, sent out dozens of applications, and networked like a boss. Now your hard work has paid off and you’ve landed a big interview—congratulations! In your excitement for the potential new position and your dedication of prepping for tough questions, you might forget to bring one of these crucial items to your interview. Bindertek has your back with our list of essential items for the job interview.


Multiple copies of needed documents

By showing up with several copies of your resume, you broadcast that you’re ready for curve-balls, like if your interviewer decides at the last second to pull a colleague into the meeting. Don’t forget a copy for yourself—having dates and job titles in front of you can help when you temporarily blank on those details. If you’re applying for a position where a portfolio would be applicable, include those items to better illustrate your skills.


A polished file folder

Stash those important documents in a sleek file folder, which looks more put-together than a manila folder or paper clip and can better protect your paperwork from the elements. Our Designer File Management line from Leitz offers multiple options to suit your needs, like 3 Flap Folders and Mobile Project Organizers. All feature a metallic closure tab for added security.





A professional notebook

Taking notes during an interview indicates to the interviewer that you’re thoughtful and paying close attention, but it also gives you more information later when considering if the job is truly the right fit. Instead of grabbing the closest dog-eared notepad as you run out the door, pack a Conceptum Notebook or a Leather Zipper Writing Padfolio. Either option will wow your interviewer!




Finish with a leather briefcase

To pull the look together, choose a classic leather briefcase. You’ll show up to your interview well-organized, and quality construction will serve you for years to come—like in your new position!


Don’t sweat a high-stakes job interview. Armed with these essential items, you can make a fantastic first impression and feel more confident knowing you’re well prepared.

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