Friday Fix: The Get Stuff Done Binder

Bindertek Binders make it easy to end the work day with a clean desk
Begin and End the Day with a Clean Desk

It’s Friday afternoon. Your desk is covered in papers. Do you:

A. Push everything into the recycle bin and start the weekend early?

B. Stash everything in a desk drawer?

C. Grab a GSD binder?

Option A may be the most tempting, but there’s a chance you won’t have a job on Monday. Option B is less risky, but you’ll eventually run out of drawer space. This leaves you with Option C, the Get Stuff Done Binder (GSD).

The Get Stuff Done Binder (GSD)

Paperwork and “to-do” tasks often go hand in hand, and the Get Stuff Done Binder (GSD) helps you manage both. Simple to start and easy to maintain, the GSD Binder is a stripped down organization system that you can put to work before you leave the office today.

All you’ll need is a sturdy binder (Bindertek Slim 2” Binders are a great portable size), High Capacity Sheet Protectors and a set of Multicolor Numeric Index Tabs.

Work in Progress

Set up your own GSD Binder to keep track of ongoing tasks and deadlines. Sort through the papers on your desk and organize your “to-dos” within High Capacity Sheet Protectors. Bindertek High Capacity Sheet Protectors hold up to 25 sheets of paper and are perfect for organizing projects, reports and presentations. These sheet protectors have reinforced colored edges, so you can color code projects for easy identification.

Sheet protectors offer the flexibility to prioritize and move items within the binder. No need to hole punch, the GSD Binder is a temporary spot for projects and tasks. You can put just about anything that needs your attention in the sheet protectors – sales reports, bills, phone number scribbled on a Post It Note.

Task Oriented

Use index tabs to prioritize your task-filled sheet protectors. Bindertek Multicolor Numeric Tabs are ideal for organizing by project, hour or day. Or you can create your own tabs using Bindertek Write On Tabs or Custom Build a Binder. We’ve pre-configured a Get Stuff Done Build a Binder using a very simple tab system: “Do Now” “Do Later” and “Pending”. You can easily move the sheet protectors from tab to tab. In the course of the day “Do Later” often becomes “due five minutes ago” and this flexible system keeps you on track.

Stay Focused

On Monday morning, you’ll return to the office and get caught up in emails, phone calls and meetings. The Get Stuff Done Binder is a great visual reminder of the tasks that need your immediate attention. Keep the binder with you as you move through the day. Organize new tasks in sheet protectors and remove completed tasks. To stay organized, treat the GSD binder as a “to-do” binder, not a “done” binder. Add a Bindertek Calendar Pad to your GSD Binder to keep track of deadlines, notes and follow up items. With this simple binder system, you’ll be sure to get stuff done.

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