Ideas for Administrative Professionals



You’re the backbone of the office, the glue that holds everyone together. Today is your day—April 26th is Administrative Professionals’ Day! Here are Bindertek’s top picks for tools that will keep you (and your office) running smoothly.


Add extra storage options to your desk with polished, professional items from the Wood Options Collection, shown above. These modular wooden organizers can be arranged in any configuration to suit your unique needs, whether you require letter trays, file holders, drawer units, or more. Many styles can be stacked on top of one another to take up less space and rearranged with ease as your organizational style evolves.


To avoid piles of unlabeled paper clutter, stash documents for current projects in an organizer like the 12 Tab Divider Book or Numbered 1-12 Organizer to keep those papers tidy but still close at hand. Both offer easy sorting of papers into the numbered slots, and will protect documents in transit. If you tend to accumulate multiple documents awaiting signature, consider adding a Leitz Signature Book to store these papers and later, use as a convenient writing surface.


Keep your days on track with the Task Organizer Notebook from Boundless Notebooks. Boundless Notebooks are a customizable discbound notebook system with fully rearrangeable pages, allowing you to take out pages and place them in a new location as desired. The Task Organizer Notebook includes to-do list paper, calendar paper, tabs, and more to help you stay organized. Add a pack of Communications Tracking Paper to assist in tracking phone calls and emails that need to be returned.




These organizational tools will help you stay focused at work so you can conquer your work week in style. Thank you, Administrative Professionals. We couldn’t do it without you!

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