Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning tips using Bindertek Binders
Spring Cleaning is Easy with Bindertek Binders

By Guest Blogger Bonnie Joy Dewkett
Certified Professional Organizer®
The Joyful Organizer®, LLC

Spring-cleaning doesn’t just mean washing the windows and cleaning the floors.  Spring is the best time of year to clear out the clutter and get organized once and for all.  When you start, make a list of everything you’d like to accomplish.  From there, break the tasks down.  For example, if you want to clean out your kitchen, some of your tasks may be to get rid of old appliances, re-line drawers with non-slip liners, and throw away old spices.  By breaking things down, you make a large task manageable.  You can even schedule each task on your calendar to make sure it gets attended to.

Getting organized can help you live a happier, less stressful, and more productive life.  One of my favorite organizing tools is the binder.  Bindertek’s super durable and stylish binders can play a big role in organization.  Bindertek also offers an affordable Build-a-Custom-Binder Kit, which includes your own custom tab set plus a binder of your choice.

Here are just a few uses for their binders.

  1. Menu guide – Gather all those menus that are hanging around the kitchen and put them into a binder.  Include a few dollar bills and you have a takeout guide ready for those busy nights where a homemade meal isn’t possible.
  2. Home Guide – If you built your home, or have redone parts of it over the years, chances are you have information, paint chips, and inspiration photos.  Hole punch all of these items and slip them into a binder.  Having all of your information in one place is helpful if you sell your home, or just want to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.
  3. Kid’s care guide – If you have kids who visit a preschool, babysitter, or even a grandparent from time to time, create a kid care folder.  Insert medication information and instructions, allergies and a list of activities they love to do.  By putting it all in a binder, you are making it easy to bring along and to amend as your child grows older.
  4. School Portfolio – It is important to keep track of your child’s progress at school.  Keeping track of tests, papers and artwork isn’t an easy task.  Punch holes in them and put them into a binder.  At the end of the year you can either empty out the binder, or simply store it and start another binder for the following year.  These binders are also easy to take to parent teacher conferences.
  5. Coupon binder- If you are a coupon cutter, you know how difficult they are to wrangle and get to the store.  Use a binder to house sales flyers, coupons and lists.  You can easily insert things into it from your workstation and from there you can grab it and go to the store.
  6. Recipe Binder – Most people have lots of cookbooks.  However, they don’t make a lot of the recipes in each book.  Make copies of the recipes you do make and place them all in one binder.  Group them by ethnicity, meal, or whatever system works for you.  By putting them all in a binder, they are easy to find and use, and if you spill on a page, you haven’t ruined a whole book.
  7. Medical Binder – We all have lots of medical bills and records.  Give each member of your family his or her own binder and put everything in one place. This way, it’s ready in case you need to access it to see a specialist, speak with the insurance company, etc.  Divide the binder by type of doctor.
  8. Special Event Binder – Weddings, anniversary parties, or even birthday parties produce a lot of paperwork.  Putting everything in one place can help simplify your planning process and can help you make sure you have covered everything.  Once the event is over, get rid of the contents or save it on your shelf for future planning reference.
  9. Inspiration binder – A lot of people have slips of paper, lists, and photos floating around.  They don’t want to get rid of them because they are “someday” items.  They may want to make those cookies someday or knit that scarf.  Give all of these inspiration ideas a place to live.  By putting them in a binder you are giving them a home, and they aren’t just lying on your desk.
  10. Daily Planner – Using a three ring binder as a daily planner may seem cumbersome at first.  However, ask yourself how many additional pieces of paper and calendars you carry in addition to your daily planner.  Most people have a few “planners” because it doesn’t all fit into one.  Use a printable calendar in the front of your binder to manage appointments and then use page protectors and tab dividers to keep all of the sections of your life in order: family, work, home, etc.

Binders are easily stored and take up very little space.  They allow your home to maintain a clean and organized appearance.  By labeling the spines clearly, you will know exactly what’s inside. Being able to access information quickly and easily will make your time more effective.  And when you can be more effective, you can spend more time doing the things you love!

About the Author:

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality. She began organizing as a child, and she has been organizing ever since. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home and office. These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie is passionate about helping her clients meet their organizational goals, and loves to see the positive impact that getting organized has on their lives.

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