The Case for Briefcases in a Digital World


The briefcase remains an important organizational accessory despite the pared down number of items we transport each day. Available in a variety of styles and price points, the briefcase allows the carrier to arrive crisp and prepared while heralding the user’s professionalism and dedication. If you don’t carry a briefcase, here’s why you should.


Protect precious cargo

The sturdy, regular shape of a briefcase provides a protective structure for all your precious cargo like laptops, tablets, recorders, phones, and even documents. Avoid screen cracks and paper crumples with a well-organized briefcase. For toting heavy binders, consider binder caddies which are specially designed to hold multiple binders and their contents securely.


Don’t be caught empty-handed

Sure, you can upload some of the files and documents you need for your meeting. But what about the tools you need to seal the deal? When you carry a briefcase, there is a place for everything you need. No more juggling items or searching your pockets! Use your briefcase to store pens, notary seal, notary stamp, and more. Don’t forget your USB drive. If your computer crashes or your presentation disappears, you’ll still be prepared.


Power up

Few dispute the value of technology. It is convenient and works great, except when it doesn’t. Don’t be caught with a dead battery. Use a dedicated briefcase compartment for your charging and backup apparatus to ensure you aren’t technologically stranded mid-presentation or client meeting.



Snack smart

Hunger and thirst can derail mood and performance. Be your best, even when the meeting goes long. Carry almonds or a protein bar (both non-perishable) and a water bottle.


Look sharp

Arrive in style with a crisp shirt or jacket and briefcase in hand. Other bags may wrinkle your shirt or jacket, or rub your clothes, causing twisting. Look as put together as you feel with everything you need organized in your briefcase. This is especially important when you need to make a great first impression during an interview or when meeting a potential new client.


Options abound

Whether you prefer a classic leather style, a contemporary purse lookalike, or a rolling briefcase, Bindertek has the briefcase for you. Consider these three popular options:

  • Lightweight Zip Business Tote – Stylish yet durable, this tote has a place for everything you need. Multiple compartments make it easy to find your phone, glasses, business cards, pens, files, and more. An inside zippered pocket lets you secure important things like travel documents.
  • Elements Classic Briefbag – This leather bag features a padded laptop compartment and plenty of space for files or anything else you need to be prepared, whether at a meeting across town or across the globe. The exterior back pocket keeps travel documents and reading materials in easy reach.
  • Champion Rolling Briefcase – Give your back a break with this easy-rolling briefcase. Organize and protect all your critical files and electronic devices, too. There is plenty of room for accessories.




Even in a digital world, you need supporting documents and accessories to tell the story or make your case. You’ll arrive organized, crisp, and prepared when you carry a briefcase.

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