What Does Your Office Say About You?

Prospective clients use their senses to form opinions about your abilities. What does your office imply about you?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Fair or not, we are wired to quickly assess a situation or person and react to what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Today we aren’t in danger of being hunted by a prehistoric saber tooth tiger, but we still rely on our senses to make assumptions about our safety and comfort.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In business, you often get just one chance to gain a client, make a sale or win an account. While it may not be a true assessment of your work ethic or skills, first time visitors will make assumptions about your abilities based on superficial details like mismatched furniture, dust balls under your desk and Leaning Tower of Pisa-like stacks of paperwork. On the flip side, if your desk is completely devoid of any work related items, one might assume it’s your first day with the company or your business is shutting down.

When clients enter your office, what information do they gather about you at first glance? To start, is your reception area warm and welcoming or cluttered and harried? Is your desk neat and organized or littered with empty disposable coffee cups and junk mail? Is your work area fresh and inviting or are clients distracted by a dirty computer keyboard or dusty bookcase?

Make a Good First Impression

Build customer trust the minute a prospective client walks in the door. It is especially important for accountants, lawyers, doctors and other professionals who handle sensitive information to create an atmosphere of comfort. A tastefully painted room, a cozy chair, an assortment of chilled drinks and fresh coffee all encourage a client to entrust a professional with private matters like wealth management, bankruptcy, divorce, health concerns and estate planning.

It Feels Like the First Time

Take a step outside of your office and re-enter as if you are seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling everything in your office for the first time. If your workspace needs an update, check out Bindertek’s Products for Professionals for organizing and decorating ideas. Bindertek also specializes in office products for lawyers and office products for accountants, including our new Finance Files Index Tab Divider Sets.


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