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Collection of office supply holiday gifts

You know ‘that person’—the super-organized neat freak who lines their pens up daily, color-codes all their binders, and has an immaculate desktop. You might even have more than one in your office. What do you get for the methodical coworker, manager, or boss who has everything? We’ve got ten stocking stuffer ideas that belong in any organizer’s toolkit.

Mini 3-Ring Binder with Mini 1-5 Index Tabs

Your neat freak likely has an extensive binder collection already…but do they have a mini binder? Introduce them to a new scale of paper organization with our Mini 3-Ring Binder, ideal for storing small documents, CDs & DVDs, photos, and other mini things. Add in our Mini 1-5 Index Tab Set for those who love segmenting, dividing, and organizing their binder contents.

Eyestyle Paper Clip Dispenser

Paper clips are tricky little creatures that love to wander away or spill themselves all over your desk. Your recipient can keep them corralled with the Eyestyle Paper Clip Dispenser, a UFO-shaped container with a magnetic insert. Let neatness reign with space-age design, alien abductions not included.

Semikolon Sticky Notes or Sticky Tab Markers

Every office has a Post-It addict. You’ll recognize yours by the trail of bright paper sticky notes on documents, file folders, computer monitors, and cubicle walls. Speak their language with Semikolon Sticky Notes or Sticky Tab Markers. The Sticky Tab Markers are especially handy for creating impromptu index tabs on shared documents.

Binder Spine Finger Grips

The most unexpectedly useful gift on this list is probably our Binder Spine Finger Grips. Did you know you can dress up your binder spines with colorful and comfortable finger grips? Now you do! Go forth and share this knowledge with your giftees.

Semikolon Clampbinder

For the commitment-phobic coworker, a Clampbinder holds pages securely in place with no hole-punching or stapling required. Your recipient can rearrange pages to their heart’s content with nary a D-ring in sight. The Semikolon Clampbinder sports a textured linen color and is available in a range of colors to add a pop of brightness to any cubicle.

Adhesive Pen Loop

Does your manager frequently lose their pen and ask to borrow yours? Save your pen by offering them an Adhesive Pen Loop instead! This handy doodad sticks to notebooks, organizers, and binders for a convenient pen storage solution.

Travel Sized Leather Boundless Notebook

You probably know someone who lives (and dies) by their to-do list or planner. Introduce them to the Leather Boundless Notebook, the disc-bound notebook system that allows for constant rearranging and customization. A disc binding system means pages can be removed without damage, creating a notebook that evolves with your to-do lister.

Style Smartphone or Tablet Stand

Your tech-savvy buddy always has the latest tablet and smartphone. Encourage them to show it off with sleek metal Smartphone and Tablet Stands, which props up their tech to ensure they’ll never miss a message.

Semikolon Eclipse Pen

Everybody could use another pen. The Eclipse Pen from Semikolon is pretty and comes in a sleek coordinating box, so you can make your recipient feel extra-fancy. The ultimate ‘treat yo self’ office gift!

Pen Quiver

Remember that pen-losing person? If an Adhesive Pen Loop isn’t their style, gift them a Pen Quiver instead. Simply loop this leather and elastic holder around a notebook cover or binder and use it to cradle writing instruments close.


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