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Magazines organized in living room
Magazine Boxes are ideal for quick clean-ups at work or home. The sturdy boxes organize and conceal piles on your desk, kitchen counter or dining room table. Here are some easy ways to combat clutter with Magazine Boxes.

1. Prevent pileups on your desk. Use several magazine boxes to organize trade journals, law reviews and catalogs. Create a hierarchy that makes sense to you. You can organize by title, date, subject matter or action such as “want to read” “should read” “sales leads” “design ideas.”

2. Prioritize projects. Some of our best tips come from Bindertek customers:

“No more piles. I use the box files as a temporary place to plop all the papers and literature about a specific project. When the phone rings, and I get diverted to another topic, I just pick up the pile and drop it into a Magazine Box file. I never lose anything and all the info is there when I get back to working on it again.” – Betty in Colorado

3.  Store plastic wrap, aluminum foil and plastic bags. Magazine Boxes fit in kitchen cabinets.

4. Store gift bags and tissue paper. You’ll avoid the last minute stop for a gift bag on the way to the party.

5. Corral school papers and projects. Use colored magazine boxes and designate a color for each child or project.

6. Trim your magazine collection. Recycle or donate to medical waiting rooms, salons and schools. Use magazine boxes to organize the keepers in a few designated spots.

7. Prioritize your stack of to-do items. The stuff that requires a response tends to collect on the corner of a desk or dining room table.

8. Organize electronics operating manuals, extra HDMI cables, USB cables and remote control guides. Stylish magazine boxes look great on an entertainment center shelf or bookcase.

9. Keep track of library books and Netflix® DVDs. Keep a magazine box by the door for borrowed books and DVDs to avoid last minute hunts and late fees. Keep the receipts and prepaid envelopes in the same box for easy returns.

10. Neatly store recipes you want to try. Place a magazine box on a shelf or counter in your kitchen for inspiration.


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