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What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? I need some inspiration to get my office organized again.

We recently reorganized our main open office area here at Bindertek and everyone is loving the increased space created by consolidating files, removing unnecessary furniture, and adding plants to bring the outside in. We know it can be hard to devote time to cleaning and reorganizing when your schedule is overflowing and your to-do list seems never-ending. Even a quick cleaning session can rejuvenate your cubicle and freshen things up, so break these tips up into multiple sessions if needed.

Step 1.

Start by critically assessing everything stored at arms’ length. If you don’t use it daily or weekly, move it to a desk drawer or storage cabinet to increase your available working space. You’ll enjoy more room to spread out and will feel more focused without excess distracting clutter around. Think of dividing your cubicle into zones to group tools and paperwork together appropriately. If your job duties include multiple tasks, you might discover that having a set zone for each category of task improves your concentration and workflow by creating clear delineations between thought processes. This is handy when you have to switch gears fast between creative and analytical work, for example.

Step 2.

Move older documentation off your desk to avoid drowning in piles of paper. Whether you prefer a file cabinet, magazine box, or folder organizer, choose a method that works for you and stick with it. Then, focus on scanning or shredding unneeded paperwork to reduce your filing footprint. Check with others in your office to avoid filing or scanning duplicates, which is also a great opportunity to follow up with them on any lingering projects on your desk. Now is the time to enact an office-wide digitization system if one doesn’t already exist. (We’ve got more tips in our How to Decide to Trash or File Your Paper Documents blog post.)

Step 3.

Dedicate a few extra minutes to finishing touches to enhance the overall results of your cleaning session. Restock your basic supplies, clean off your digital desktop, and get rid of anything broken or unusable. Don’t forget a quick wipe-down to remove dust and crumbs! If you have extra time, consider organizing your cords or sprucing up your cubicle with new decor.

We like this checklist from See Jane Work to keep you focused. Share it with coworkers and block off time on your schedules to collaborate on decluttering common areas and shared files. Investing even a small chunk of time in spring cleaning your office will leave you feeling more positive about your work environment.

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