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QuickFile Folders, Document Box, Thesis Binder

When it comes to paper organization, everyone has different needs. Are you feeling frustrated by the usual suggestions of folders, traditional binders, and box files? Here are three unique paper organization solutions that might be just what your desk is missing.

1. QuickFile Folder

To keep clutter to a minimum, get into the habit of organizing papers into a filing system as soon as they hit your desk. Rather than cramming them all into a single folder, which quickly becomes unorganized, grab a QuickFile Folder. This tickler-style file folder features twelve color-coded sections with sight holes, allowing you to organize—and find—your documents fast. If you have multiple QuickFile Folders in use, the front cover has several lines for text to encourage labeling.

2. Document Box

If you frequently handle sensitive documents that you don’t want out in full view, consider a Document Box for your line-up. While it won’t meet HIPAA or similar regulations, this closed box is an attractive way to conceal documents awaiting signature, personal paperwork, and other items you want to keep secure. Multiple color choices are available to match any office style.

3. Thesis Binder

Need to quickly contain loose papers for a meeting or presentation? Enter the Bindertek Thesis Binder! This ring-free binder doesn’t require punching holes—instead, pages are kept firmly in place with a clasp mechanism. Not needing to punch holes saves you time, and is ideal for important paperwork that you want to keep intact. Just slip the papers out when you want to repurpose your Thesis Binder for a new project.

Let these suggestions inspire you to tackle paper organization with a new approach! Choose one, two, or all three methods that will work best for your business and your work style.


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