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Getting organized at home is no easy feat! Make organization a priority in your fall routine by setting up a home base area containing important reference documents, a place for everyday items, and an area to communicate messages to one another. With practice and strategic planning, you and your family will quickly integrate good organizational habits into your daily lives.

1. Designate a centralized area to locate your home base.

You want your home base to be easily accessible and work with your routine, rather than against it. Consider locations that fit into your daily schedule and make sense for all who will be using the home base. This could be in your entryway, in the kitchen, or in an office nook. If you’re setting up a similar area at the office, choose a communal area that all staff members have easy access to.

2. Think vertically.

Adding a glass board to your home base is more elegant than a corkboard or the front of the refrigerator, but offers the same function. Magnetic glass boards from Sigel of Germany come in variety of colors and styles with magnets you can use to hang important documents, outgoing mail, report cards, and more. You can also use erasable chalk markers to write notes and reminders to family members.

3. Add storage solutions.

Never lose your keys again by creating a habit of placing personal items at your home base. Whether you choose shelves or organizers, designate spaces for keys, phones, purses, and other personal items to live when not in use. Use a letter tray or magazine file box as a visual trigger to remind you to sort and open mail immediately upon entering, rather than letting mail pile up in various places around the house.

4. Store important documents.

Build one or several family binders to store important documents and avoid digging in filing cabinets at 8am on a Monday morning when you need your child’s vaccination records. Consider designating binders by subject, like a budget binder, a schedule binder, a school binder, and a medical binder. As a bonus, binders are easy to grab in case of an emergency. Durable Everyday Binders are made of vinyl, can wipe clean, and come in a variety of colors.

Think beyond the office and get creative when it comes to organizing your home life. We all could use the comfort of a routine, and your home base will help you settle into one more easily—making good habits become effortless. If you use a home base, leave a comment telling us what is essential to yours!


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