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So much to do and so little time… Since no amount of wishing will grant you even one more minute it makes sense to use precious hours well. Enter the humble to-do list. It is mightier than you thought for making the most of your day. Here are some creative ways to organize your list so you save time and your sanity.

Assign priorities

There is an old proverb that goes, you must eat the elephant one bite at a time. This advice is especially helpful for a growing to-do list. Break tasks into manageable steps and determine where each fits with your priorities. You might even use categories like, urgent, within the week and within the month; or today, this week, next week…you get the idea. Store your list in a ½ inch binder and use blank, write-on index tabs to organize. You could even place tasks behind numbered tabs (lower numbers should indicate higher priority). Assign tabs using priority system that makes sense to you and place your assignments in the binder accordingly. Organizing this way means you will be less likely to let yourself be sidelined by low-priority tasks while something that is screaming urgent is ignored.

Assign time

Time, like money, is a limited resource. You must budget time in much the same way that you budget money so the things that must be done actually get done. Review everything on your list and make a guess of how long each task will take. Tasks that are a priority and time consuming should be accomplished before moving on to several shorter tasks that are less important.

Light it up

Use a magnetic glass board to keep your list top of mind. With the 3D look, not only will your tasks be on elegant display but your sense of accountability will be, too. Let’s face it, it is hard to flake on tasks everyone knows are on your list.

Go from worst to first

Start with the most dreaded task and tackle it as soon as you can. Getting the dirtiest deed done first will give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Use that boost to power through everything else on your to-do list.

Use a notebook

Notebooks make it easier to add thoughts and ideas to your tasks list. They also make it easy to add…dare I say it…more tasks to the list. Your lists all in one place over several months provide easy reference and a great training tool when you get that promotion and have to prepare someone to take your place. Bindertek offers CONCEPTUM notebooks designed by Sigel of Germany. This sophisticated line comes in hard and softcover with magnetic or elastic closure.

Don’t wilt under the weight of a growing to-do list. You’ve got this! With a little organization and a lot of determination you can tackle all of your tasks and lose none of your sanity.



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