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Colorful Sigel Conceptum Notebooks

Carl Barks, Disney Studios illustrator, is credited with saying work smarter, not harder. He made a good point. Of course, there is nothing wrong with hard work, but there is no reason to waste energy while you’re at it. These 5 tips help you simplify your work system and save time to boot.

Reorganize your desk

Use tools that help you keep the things you need each day neatly at hand. Bindertek has binders in a variety of sizes for projects big and small. File folders and modular desk organizers afford easy accessibility and eliminate clutter. Organization isn’t only important because it reduces the frustration factor (no more wasted time searching for lost documents), it is also important because it increases your productivity. Each time you leave your desk to look for something you lose momentum.

Create a road map

You don’t have to call your map a to-do list if that feels too much like a straight-jacket. On the most basic level you should devote 10 or 15 minutes at the end of each day to review accomplishments and plan next steps in a dedicated notebook, like a Conceptum Notebook by Sigel. When you understand the route you’re less likely to get lost with useless detours.

Edit your workspace

Get rid of everything that doesn’t add function or enjoyment to your day. We don’t talk as much as we should about the value of emotional energy in the workplace. Fuel your day by creating a space you want to be in. Even in the most rigid settings, you can add something to the space that gives you a little lift. If you can’t bring plants or pictures, try adding color. Bindertek offers a variety of office products in a rainbow of colors to invite memories or highlight individuality.

Develop a filing system

Your desk contains everything you are working on right now, but what about everything else? Don’t just toss old project documents in a box or drawer. Develop a filing system that makes sense for the way you work. Whether you use clearly labeled and tabbed project binders or file folders and file cabinets, you’ll feel on top of your game when you know where to find every piece of paper you need next week or next year.

Create visuals

Use a magnetic glass board to post ideas and notes or flesh out your project vision. Bindertek features the magnetic glass board by Sigel of Germany in several sizes.  Creating visuals helps you stay on track and improve self-accountability.

How you work significantly impacts how you feel about your work. Invest some time and thought in creating a workplace system that improves not only your efficiency but your enjoyment. These small investments can help you make your work day a great day.


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