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Functional, yet elegant, the magnetic glass board is a stylish addition to any well-organized workspace. Looking for new ways to use yours or benefits to buying one? Here are just 5.

Bring your ideas to life

Sigel of Germany offers glass boards in three convenient sizes. These multi-functional, write-on boards let you present your ideas with stunning visuals. Don’t just tell your audience about your great idea, show them your vision.  Your glass board makes it easy to create diagrams in real-time, use magnets to display charts, and park notes or comments in style.

Boost team spirit

Your glass board is the perfect display space for photos of the company picnic or holiday gathering. You can also use it to display daily goals, quotes or words of encouragement. Magnetic glass boards are the perfect place for high-five’s, too. Is someone on the team doing a stand-out job? Put their name and photo, along with a few words of kudos, up in lights on the glass board.

Highlight every holiday

Dress up your board to celebrate the season. It’s great to do the big ones, like the winter holidays. But don’t forget the smaller, obscure holidays that give us goofy reasons to celebrate and bring a little levity into the office. Here are some fun ones: July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day; June 24 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and May 29 is National Paperclip Day. Get into the spirit of wacky holidays to celebrate the extraordinary, ordinary of everyday life.

Keep track during a contest

Is your office holding a team challenge? Use your magnetic glass board to keep score. There is nothing like a little friendly competition to keep the team engaged. Challenges don’t have to always be work-related either. You can keep track if you launch a weight-loss, walking, meditation or quit smoking challenge. Putting the numbers up reminds everyone that someone is watching, and accountability counts.

Communication central

Magnetic Glass Boards are great tools for communicating both at home and at work. Use yours at home to share emergency contact information with the baby sitter or dog walker. At work, you can post your to-do list so every task stays on your radar. At home or at work you can write or post important calendar items and reminders on your glass board so everyone stays in the loop.

Bindertek proudly features Sigel of Germany Magnetic Glass Boards. Available with a variety of accessories and colors, you can mount a board that is right for your style. Use yours to improve communication, boost morale and have fun with wacky holidays. However, you use your board, with its sleek design and floating mount it is sure to be a conversation piece.


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