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Office with colorful and inviting organization products

With most office workers clocking 40 hours a week or more, the average American worker will spend a third of their life at work. It’s hard to get excited about work when you’re staring at plain folders and run-of-the-mill desk accessories. Why not improve your engagement at work and add some wow to your workspace? Here are 7 products that fit the bill.


If you need room to store files but storage space is at a premium in your office, check out the Bisley 5-Drawer Desktop Multidrawer Cabinet. This miniature steel cabinet is just over a foot tall and fits on top of your desk, adding you some much-needed storage without an intrusive footprint. Classic Black or White work in traditional settings, or go crazy with a pop of color by choosing a Green or Orange cabinet!


Another option for some much-needed organization is a set of desk organizers. Our Bright Desks Organizers help you organize papers, magazines or files, writing utensils and miscellaneous desk supplies, all while making you smile. Even better, they’re crafted from sustainably harvested plywood so you can feel good about your new organizer set.


Do you often give presentations to clients or lead meetings? Dazzle your audience with a Magnetic Glass Board. These German designed glass boards mount to the wall without a frame, giving it a contemporary floating appearance. Write reminders or key meeting points on the board and hang notes using the included magnets. With bright and neutral colors to choose from, there’s a Magnetic Glass Board for every office color palette.


When you’re waiting for an important call, keep an eye on your phone with the Style Smartphone Stand. The sleek silver metal is unobtrusive yet modern, perfect if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic for your workspace. Use the stand for hands-free conferencing or FaceTime and leave your hands available to take notes for improved productivity.


Treat yourself and take some of your basic tools to the next level! The Style Office Stapler coordinates with the Smartphone Stand for a cohesive desk look and elevates the standard stapler into a visual statement. Small touches like Direct Impact Technology and a 180° opening transform stapling from a chore to an effortless task, and it’s equipped with a built-in staple remover to boot.


Enjoy writing your daily to-do list in a Conceptum Notebook by Sigel of Germany. Available in hardcover, softcover and vintage leather varieties, Conceptum Notebooks feature an elastic or magnetic closure so your notebook can travel with ease. Blank, lined, and graph paper options ensure you’ll have a notebook that fits your needs. It’s time for an upgrade from your basic yellow notepad!


Are you a pencil person? Blackwing Pencils are the modern incarnation of the Eberhard Faber Blackwing pencil, once used by famous artists such as Stephen Sondheim and Truman Capote. A flat ferrule keeps your pencil from rolling away, and the erasers are replaceable so you can get the most longevity from your Blackwing.

A few upgrades will take your desk from ordinary to wow-worthy by adding color, texture, and extra organizational solutions. Gone are piles of papers and boring office supplies. Say hello to your new office and get excited about Monday mornings!


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