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Binders and notebooks for school

I left my study guide at school. I can’t find my spelling words.

Just like reading, writing and arithmetic, good organization skills are critical to academic success. Some children are natural-born organizers – their crayons look brand new, baseball cards are in order, Legos® are sorted by size and color. And others need a little more guidance.

Organization 101

Just like dribbling a soccer ball or perfecting a cartwheel, developing good organization habits takes practice – and anything that requires repetition needs to be fun for kids to stick with it. Children need an easy-to-follow routine that adapts to their schedules. A school binder is great for connecting the student’s time at school with time at home.

How the School Binder Works

Every teacher has his or her own system for sending school work and information home, such as a take home folder or school planner. The school binder you set up at home works with any system at school. The school binder goes to school and comes home every day. Your child will quickly get into the habit of making sure everything from school goes into the binder and makes it home and back to school without fail.

How to Make a School Binder

Most students love binders (especially Bindertek Binders) because binder organization is truly hands-on. You can play with cool ring mechanisms, make your own tabs, punch holes in paper. Even the messiest kids can appreciate the way binders keep papers in order better than folders. Plus, dogs have a harder time eating homework when it’s in a binder.

Get Started

All you need is a binder (preferably with a 2” spine to fit in a backpack), a hole punch and some Write-On Index Tabs. You may also want to add Binder Envelopes or pre-punched folders for no-punch items like homework and school forms. Set up the tabs to match your child’s schedule, such as “Math”, “Reading” “History”, etc. Organize school work such as graded quizzes, spelling words and vocabulary words within the tabs and create a useful study guide throughout the year. With a good organization plan, your child will excel in school – and develop a valuable lifelong skill.

Build Your Own Binder

With Bindertek’s new Custom Build a Binder, you can create your own affordable school binder with custom printed tabs. Your student can select his or her favorite binder color, design a personalized spine label and create index tabs to match any school schedule. Ideal for even the youngest organizers, Bindertek Binders feature one-touch, no pinch ring mechanisms and a Lifetime Ring Guarantee.


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