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Boundless Notebook Paper is Hole Punched for Binders

Ever wonder what those holes are along the side of your Boundless Notebook pages? Why, they’re binder holes! The Boundless Notebook system is designed for integration with Bindertek binders, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds and the ultimate in customization as you create a paper system that works for you.

Your Boundless filler paper is already hole-punched to fit Bindertek 2 ring and 3 ring binders, allowing you to use the ring style you prefer. Simply remove the paper from your Boundless Notebook and add it to the binder like regular hole-punched paper when you no longer need the sheet in your notebook. Mylar reinforcement along this edge of the filler paper ensures your page won’t tear out of your binder easily and can withstand being moved from notebook to binder.

paper going from discbound notebook into binder

How to Use It

  1. Need to be mobile? Take your Boundless Notebook with you, rather than a bulky binder. When you return to the office or home, you can transfer relevant pages from your Boundless to a binder in your existing filing system.
  2. Just as you can archive binder contents to re-use the binders themselves, you can archive Boundless contents into a binder to re-use the notebook covers multiple times. Combine several months’ or years’ worth of work from separate notebooks into one binder for a comprehensive reference.
  3. If you prefer a Boundless and your coworkers or clients like to use binders, you can hand off key pages to them with no need to transfer those documents into a new paper format.
  4. Do you enjoy unique Boundless filler paper styles, like Communications Tracking Paper or Deposition Paper? Integrate these paper styles into your binders for a well-rounded organizational system that fills your individual needs.

How to Go Further

Don’t forget about our line of binder accessories that you can add to your new, Boundless-paper-filled binder—things like index tabs, sheet protectors, pockets, and more! You can set up the same index tab system in your Boundless binder that you use in your regular binders, to ensure easy identification and a cohesive system. Need to add pages to your binder, but think you might want to transfer them to a Boundless in the future? Check out our blank ‘Print Your Own’ Boundless paper! The reinforced Mylar strip is already hole-punched, allowing it to smoothly feed into printers and be added to your binder with no hole punching required. If and when you decide to move those pages to a Boundless, just use the Boundless hole punch along the side to make the pages Boundless compatible.

Remove, re-position, re-use, and refresh. How will you use a Boundless Notebook and binder system?


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