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Color Coding System
Create a Color-Coded Organizational System

July 14, 2017

If you need to stay organized and want the ability to find work with a quick glance, organizing by color is your best bet. People recognize colors more quickly than letters or numbers, and there’s less chance for confusion or interpretation than alphabetical filing. Here are some ways to color code your organization system and our picks for supplies to make the technicolor switch.

  • Color Code by Category: Consider assigning each category of work its own color—red for customer records, green for accounting, blue for sales reports, and so on.
  • Color Code by Status: The simplest method of color coding is to have two colors—one for active files or projects, and a second for archived projects. If your projects have multiple, complex components and tend to take a long time to reach completion, you might prefer to color code by action steps such as To Do, Pending, Awaiting Approval, and Ready to Archive.
  • Color Code by Employee: If you work with several team members regularly on the same tasks, assign each person their own color to avoid confusion about who is working on digitizing the Jones’ case or who is compiling the monthly marketing report.

The basis of your color-coding system will be binders, and our 2 Ring and 3 Ring binder styles come in multiple hues. Create further distinction by adding colored binder spine finger grips. If you need to have several binders in one color (say, three green accounting binders), you can customize the spine labels to clearly state the contents—no need to waste time opening each binder! When organizing within binders, opt for colored index tabs. We offer pre-made numeric multicolored index tabs, or you can craft a custom tab set to choose exactly the colors and filing system you require.

Integrate your binders with the rest of your workflow by adding coordinating desk accessories, file folders, and organizers to ensure your paperwork stays color-coded from the second it hits your desk. The Semikolon Collection offers a letter tray, document box, magazine box, desktop organizer, and more in matching hues. As a bonus, Semikolon’s signature design details add style to your desk. When transporting files to meetings or sharing documents with colleagues, house them in a Quickfile Folder or 3-Flap Folder that matches their assigned color. By keeping papers integrated into your color-coded system during their entire lifecycle, you’ll be able to use your time more efficiently and will always know where your needed files are.

Make color work for you and your office by creating a color-coded organizational system. Eye-catching, efficient, and easy-to-use—color-coding is a top option for any workplace.

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