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Create a lasting impression with our custom printed made-to-order Bindertek 2 or 3-ring binders.

Perfect for board meetings, live events, client gifts or any situation when you want your company to stand out.

  • Use your company’s branding or event logo and colors
  • Personalize with an individual’s name
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors expertly printed to match your needs
  • Images can be printed on the front, back or spine — all for the same price

Pricing (per binder)

3-Ring Binders 1-3 Binders 4-19 Binders 20-49 Binders 50-99 Binders 100+ Binders
One-Touch Classic, 3" Spine $32 $28 $25.50 $23 $20
One-Touch Classic, 2" Spine $31 $27 $24.50 $22 $19
Everyday, 3" Spine $33.50 $29.50 $25 $22 $18
Everyday, 2" Spine $32.50 $28.50 $24 $21 $17

2-Ring Binders 1-3 Binders 4-19 Binders 20-49 Binders 50-99 Binders 100+ Binders
Advantage Classic, 3" Spine $27 $25.50 $22 $19 $18
Advantage Classic, 2" Spine $24.50 $23 $20 $17 $16

Tell Us About Your Order

Fill out the form below and a member of our customer service team will be in touch about creating your perfect custom printed binder.

  • Have a question? Ask us here. Please feel free to share any information you have regarding the number of binders you are interested in, what type of binder, or any questions about the printing process. We are here to help!

Why buy with Bindertek? 

  • No Minimums – Buy 1 binder or 1,000
  • Made-To-Order – We work directly with you from start to finish to ensure your vision is brought to life
  • Quick Turnaround* –  Most orders shipped out within 5 days, regardless of order size
  • 2-Ring Exclusive – We are the only company that creates custom printed binders for 2 and 3-ring binders
  • Bindertek Binders – Our custom printed binders are made exclusively with our high-end Bindertek binders – complete with our Lifetime Ring Guarantee

* Based upon customer approval of final proof.

Print your custom 2-ring or 3-ring binder