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Row of different colored binders on table

Binders are the king of organizing tools. Instead of relying on one or two binders, make the most of them with diversification. What is the value of a single binder for each subject, and do you really need different binders for different subjects?

Single binders give you the space you need to be comprehensive

Think of your binder as a comprehensive universe of the subject. In other words, your binder isn’t just a place to store paper. Include your syllabus, notes, handouts, timeline of due dates, charts, and even work that has been returned to you. Make tabs for each section so you can more easily access what you need. When it is time to write a paper or study for an exam you’ll have everything at hand.

Single binders make easy archival reference tools

Label the spine by class and instructor’s name. Later, you can easily find the binder when you need to refer to your notes for another class. Younger siblings or friends will likely be grateful for your binder wisdom when they take the same class and you graciously share.

Travel light

Single binders fit easily into a grab and go style. Leave the ones you won’t need in your locker, car or at home. No more misaligned spines from too heavy book bags.

Make it personal

Each subject has a different feel. Why not let your binders reflect that? Available in different colors, sizes, and with a variety of accessories, you can set up binders that are as unique as you and the subjects they help you tackle.

Easy to loan

You can easily come to the rescue when an emergency takes your buddy away from class for a few days. Your binder, with chronologically organized notes and assignments, will help your friend catch up in no time. Encourage friends to follow your lead so you benefit in the event of your own emergency. Single binders also make for the perfect tutoring tool. Show up in organized command of the subject.

Binders are an easy way to get and stay organized. The key is to allow yourself enough space and flexibility to make the most of this tool. Using different binders for different subjects gives you the space. Add accessories, such as tabs, spine labels, and binder pouches for flexibility. Your binder can easily be tailored to the subject at hand so you’ll go to the head of the class every time.


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