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Medical and Budget family binders

A new school year heralds a fresh start, some new friends, a new schedule – and for many, a big stack of papers on the dining room table. By mid-September, even the most organized parents can feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sports schedules, health forms, classroom information, lunch menus, book order forms, fundraisers and party invitations that pile up like autumn leaves in the Northeast. A Family Binder is an easy way to organize all the family activities, information and follow-up items in one central place.

How to Make a Family Binder

Because every family is unique, a customizable binder is essential for home organization. Start with a 2 Ring Bindertek Binder or a 3 Ring Bindertek Binder and Write-On Tabs or use Bindertek’s Quick Print Tabs to create your own professionally printed tab titles.

Plan ahead and make a list of the tabs you will need. Designate sections of the binder for each family member. You may want to subdivide these sections into different categories like school information, medical records and extracurricular activities. Your tabs will keep class lists, team snack schedules, progress reports, immunization records and other details organized for easy retrieval.

Family Values

You can also add categories for other household information you refer to frequently like car maintenance, pet care, take out menus, recycling schedules, etc. Anything that is worthy of a magnet on the refrigerator belongs in the Family Binder. Add Bindertek Binder Envelopes or Sheet Protectors to keep appointments, party invitations and other items that require action from you in easy reach.


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