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Another work day done. Kudos to you for getting through it! Don’t simply shut down your computer. These strategies will help you wrap up your day in a way that sets you up for more success tomorrow—or on Monday!

Review your win list

Take a few minutes to pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments today. Staying focused on your progress and purpose can ease stress and boost productivity. Give some thought to the skills you used to complete the tasks as well. Doing so can serve as a reminder of the strengths you bring to the job, and increase your confidence. Reviewing your win list will help you end your day on a positive note.

Order your workspace

Work days are easier when you have the things you need at hand. Use file folders, desk organizers, binders and other organizational tools to corral papers and files. As you end your workday, return everything to its appropriate place. When you end your day by restoring order to your workspace, you give yourself the gift of spaciousness for the next day. An organized desk makes the start of a new workday feel fresh. It saves time, too.

Check your calendar

Review your calendar as a reminder of what you can expect for tomorrow. Is there a folder you’ll need to take home with you for an early morning meeting? Should you wear something a little nicer than usual? Checking your calendar can help you feel on top of your schedule so you’re always prepared.

Don’t forget anything…

Put your favorite travel mug or water bottle in your bag. You don’t want to have to stop for high priced coffee in the morning because the mug was left on your desk. Remember any lunch containers, too.

Jot down notes

Whether you typically make your to-do list in the morning or the evening you should always end the day with some notes. Jot down any project ideas, things you want to mention to a colleague, supplies you need, and follow up tasks or calls.

Check email

Technology has blurred the work-life balance. Shore up the boundaries with a final check of email before you end your day. You may even want to post an out of the office message to be displayed after hours. Constant availability via smartphones makes it feel like all work and no life balance. This reduces productivity and increases the likelihood of burnout. Use time away from work for unrelated activities. You’ll return to work feeling rested and better able to tackle new challenges.

These tips can help you reduce workday stress, boost productivity and job satisfaction. Commit to at least one or two strategies this week and see if you notice the difference.


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