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Ask Bindertek: 

I’m in the process of rethinking how I organize my office. Any recommendations on how to go about it? 

You spend lot of time in the office, so how you arrange your space matters. Three considerations are important for choosing office organization that works: available room, security, and ease of access. Combine form and function with file cabinets, carousel shelving, or steel shelving. From the busiest workplaces to sedate small spaces, you can find the right storage options for the way you work.

Rotating Carousels

Choose from desktop carousels to conveniently store up to 28 standard 3-inch binders within easy reach, all the way up to six tier tower carousels with room for up to 168 standard 3-inch binders. Just 32-inches in diameter, our compact carousels use less storage than standard shelving. They’re perfect for small spaces. 360-degree rotation means you can easily place carousels in the corner and still enjoy easy access. Need more flexibility? Roll your carousel into another area or room.

Bottom line: Carousels can maximize storage capacity in small spaces.

File Cabinets

Our file cabinets aren’t the ones you remember of old. Made in England by Bisley, they offer smart colors and designs to complement any home or office décor. Sturdy construction and anti-tilt safety features, along with a variety of sizes including under desk cabinets, give this tried-and-true storage solution a fresh feel. Special insert trays feature compartments to keep small items like clips and pens neatly organized inside, while lockable drawers are ideal for secure document storage.

Bottom line: Stackable—and moveable when you choose a caster base—file cabinets can be configured to fit in large and small spaces.

Steel Shelving

Featuring a pull-out shelf unit and retractable doors, our steel shelving offers security and convenience with maximum storage.  Durable, functional, and stylish, these units are easily customized to hold media, binders, files and documents. When you need secure document storage, choose the Stak N’ Lok option with HIPAA-compliant lockable doors.

Bottom line: Steel shelving is best when security counts.

No matter your storage need, we have a shelving solution that will work! When choosing, consider floor space and security needs, as well as anticipated storage within the next three to five years. With careful consideration, your shelving will be a cornerstone of your office organization for years to come.


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