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After six years of use the rings on my Bindertek Advantage binder broke. Is there anything I can do?

You might think your options are:

A. Throw your binder in the trash.
B. Curse and set your binder on fire.
C. Sign up for a welding course at the local community college and try to fix them yourself.

Fortunately, there is a better solution:

D. Call Bindertek for replacement rings. (The number is 800-456-3453)

One of our lesser-known services is our lifetime ring warranty. We guarantee our binder rings for life and are always happy to replace them for you if they break, become misaligned, or otherwise no longer function as originally intended. When sourcing our 2 Ring and 3 Ring Binders, we purposely chose a strong, sturdy ring mechanism that matches the quality of our binder boards. Many customers use their Bindertek binders for years before needing a ring replacement, and can continue to use their binders over and over again, replacing rings as needed while the binder boards hold up through those ring changes.

While our binders are priced higher than other options on the market, our quality and the ring warranty make the price worth it. Check out some reviews from our customers:

A bit more expensive than the regular mass market binders but so much better. I have fifteen year old binders from them that still look like new.

Great products: well made and worth the price over all the cheapies that don’t last worth a darn.

When you need a high-end binder for a specific function, there is really no where else you need to look. I’ve been going to them for years and I’ve always been satisfied.

My favorite source for high end binders for my high end clients.

This is my 3rd order; have not been disappointed; well made. They last longer than the plastic ones if not overstuffed.

A representative from Bindetek contacted me and helped me replace all of the defective binder rings at no cost to me. The new ones they sent me are the same style but have a much tighter grip and won’t bend, break, or misalign. I’m upping the review from 3 to 5 star because of the quality product that was provided (second mechanism is much better than the first) and the customer service is top notch – going above and beyond any I have ever seen in my 30 years of being a consumer.

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