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Create a Garden Binder

Binders are no longer just for the office. Get organized at home and in your hobbies by making customized binders to suit your unique needs. Here we’ll show you how to put together a practical Garden Binder to plan your growing season, year after year!

Sleek Metal Binders are perfect for this application since they’re designed to stand up to heavy use and wipe clean. Choose from 2″, 3″, or 4″ spine varieties depending on the scope of your plans and how much information you want to track. Plus they’re made from recycled aluminum, so you can feel good about your investment. If you decide to make multiple binders for different gardens or yard plans, like flower beds vs your vegetable garden, add bright Spine Finger Grips to color-code your binders for easy identification.

Monthly calendar index tabs will keep you focused on year-round garden care. Use these sections to remind yourself of time-sensitive tasks, like waiting to mulch for winter after the first frost, and to assist you in planting your seed starters on schedule.

Sheet protectors and pockets are ideal for storing papers you don’t want to hole punch, or other items. Half and full page adhesive pockets can be added to the inside covers of your binder to hold planting calendars or other reference materials. Use sheet protectors to show off a pretty cover insert, a sketch of your garden layout, or pages from a favorite seed catalog to remind you of purchases to make. CD Pages handily store seed packets, and the included label can be used to make note of planting dates, location, and other notes.

Don’t be overwhelmed by your garden’s needs. By taking time to set up a Garden Binder, you’ll be more organized, will remember important dated tasks easier, and can focus on taking care of your garden.


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