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You only get one chance to make a first impression

Your office space conveys something about who you are. Your space, essentially an extension of you, should feel comfortable and support your work style. Whether your office is in need of a total makeover or just a bit of sprucing up, Bindertek has the tools you need to complement the look you want while making your visitors feel confident in your abilities.

Getting started

Look at your office now and give yourself three words to describe how it is and how being at your desk makes you feel. Next think about how you want your office to look and feel. If there are differences in your descriptions, even slight ones, it is time to go to work. After all, the better you feel at your desk the more likely you are to turn out your best work, so do what you can to set yourself up for success. Not to mention that making the right first impression increases your success rate with potential clients.

Take a look at everything in your office space. Imagine yourself moving through the day, what would be most helpful? For example: Maybe you can never seem to find a pen or scraps of paper with notes or important numbers always get away from you. How can these items be better organized so they are on hand when needed? Bindertek offers stacking desk organizers that keep items you use often close at hand. These are the perfect places for your favorite pens, calculators, project folders that are on your priority list for the week and more.

Complement your brand

Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your workspace. How does your space help you do convey both your personal and company brand? Need help with planning? We’re here, just give us a call or easily chat online.

Everything in its place and for a purpose

Every tool in your office should add something to your pleasure or performance. Take a moment now to consider what you have and make a plan to discard everything that does not fit into one of these two categories. As you reimagine your office turn to Bindertek for the tools to help you harness the power of organization to improve your work performance.

Because your desk and files are likely the largest and most focal points in the space, you really want to give some attention to them. For example, how functional is your desk? Is it just a holder for large stacks of paper or is it organized to help you keep projects on target?

Know where things are

Clutter can slow you down and rob you of energy and time. It can also lead to missed deadlines or lost revenue. You will improve your reputation with yourself and others if you can consistently meet deadlines and put your hands on papers when you need them. Accomplish this by organizing a tickler system – don’t let dates pass you by. Bindertek offers multi-colored yearly tabs to keep your accounting, correspondence, reports and more organized by month or quarter. We also offer stylish, binder friendly shelving for large and small spaces. Be sure to save a binder to collect ideas for your dream projects. These are the big ideas you would like to work on when you have the time and resources to devote to projects that will change the world or at least your work life.

Be open to ideas

Check out Bindertek’s website for a gallery of beautifully organized ideas to choose from and customize for your needs. Also, take a page from the spaces of coworkers you consider to be organized. Combine great ideas to create an office that helps you accomplish what you intend with your space.

Finally bring in some things that restore and inspire you. These may include plants, photos, mementos or quotes you can display on your desk or the walls. Make the space comfortable and inviting. Whether you have a cubicle or a corner office, Bindertek can help you maximize the space for greater efficiency, flow and, of course, style. We know how to help you put your best foot forward.


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