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More and more businesses are switching to the open office format, but the removal of cubicle walls can remove more traditional storage options, like walls and nooks to hold file cabinets. Make the most of your open office and foster organization with these thoughtful, well-placed solutions. Read on to find individual and communal organization ideas.

Binders and Carousels

Give every employee as many binders as they require dependent on the amount of paperwork they handle. Each employee can organize their binder to match their working style or to match other members of their department if they frequently reference each other’s files. To avoid desktop clutter, store binders not in use on a rotating carousel located in a common area. As a bonus, the portable nature of binders is ideal for attending meetings or traveling—employees can bring the relevant binder with them, or simply remove the needed pages.

Magnetic Glass Boards

Promote collaboration and mutual brainstorming by adding Magnetic Glass Boards throughout the office space. Attractive and contemporary glass boards add a modern look while doubling as a useful tool for meetings, presentations, and leaving notices. Write employee reminders or sales numbers on the boards. Use the magnets to hang important HR forms for all. The possibilities are endless!

Modular Desk Organizers

Allow employees to feel in control of their workspace by offering a selection of modular desk organizers. Employees can mix-and-match options to suit their workflow or available space to create their most productive arrangement. Additional letter trays, box files, and other options can be placed throughout common areas to hold public information, mail, and office supplies.

With creative solutions, you can organize with ease in any open office space while encouraging employee organization and collaboration. What’s the biggest struggle your open office faces?


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