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Bullet Journal and Ballpoint Pen

Apple picking, hay rides, and football—the cooler seasons are approaching so it’s time to pause our summer mode, say goodbye to lazy vacation days, and get back into our daily routines. Never had the chance to start a routine? Are you unsure if you should you go back to the exact same one from last year? Here are the benefits of a routine and some tips to help you develop your own routine.


Having a routine is like having a framework to help you organize your day. Rather than starting from scratch every day and feeling overwhelmed, your routine is there to get you started and assist you in your daily or weekly tasks. By knowing what to expect from your day, you can be better prepared to conquer what comes your way.

Tip: Take this principle one step further by organizing your desk and home to match your daily routine. If you go for a run in the morning, place your workout clothes in a visible place before going to bed the night before. If your first task at the office is to go through leftover papers on your desk, add a Semikolon Letter Tray or Bindertek File Box to corral those papers and act as a handy visual reminder.

Less Stress

It can be hard to feel calm in our chaotic modern world. Your routine is one way to take some guesswork, anxiety, and uncertainty off your shoulders to free your mind for other, more constructive thinking. Creating a routine with clearly designated times for various work modes (brainstorming, client meetings, administrative tasks) will stave off procrastination and the stress it brings.

Tip: Consider daily journaling or free-form doodling in your down time using a LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal with your favorite ballpoint pen. Handwriting and journaling has been shown to improve memory and encourage creativity, and this can easily be integrated into your routine to promote stress reduction. Even a few minutes a day will help!

Better Wellness

Don’t forget to make time for yourself in your routine, whether by scheduling in exercise sessions, planning a meal prep afternoon using your recipe binder, or simply blocking out time for self-care. By adding personal wellness goals to your routine, you are encouraging the creation of those healthy habits and making sure you don’t over-book yourself by committing to more than you can handle. Consider including a regular bedtime and wake-up time in your routine to promote good sleep hygiene.

Tip: A planner can be helpful when first starting a routine, as it allows you to create blocks of time for various tasks and visually see the gaps in your schedule—or when you haven’t left yourself enough time in your routine. Incorporate a customizable Boundless Discbound Notebook to meet your specific calendaring needs, by combining monthly and weekly calendar pages to look at the big picture and get granular when you need to.

Productive Time Management

A routine doesn’t have to mean doing more. Rather than focusing on work for the sake of being busy, craft your routine with the goal of productive time management. If you feel most creative in the early afternoon, make sure your routine places your writing tasks in that period—rather than scheduling it first thing in the morning, when you’re too busy drinking coffee and catching up with your inbox.

Tip: Think big. A magnetic glass board or electro-static whiteboard paper serves as a large visual reminder of your routine, allowing you to refocus every time your eyes start wandering away from your work. Write notes of encouragement to yourself or a time-table of your routine. Plus, both can be erased to serve double-duty as a meeting board, presentation aid, or calendar.

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and start easing into your routine once more!


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