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The Perfect Ingredients: How to Make a Recipe Binder

December 7, 2017

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What’s the best way to organize and store recipe cards?

While everything can now be stored digitally, we’re suckers for an old-fashioned cookbook or paper recipe card. There’s something about referencing a tangible recipe that makes us feel like we’re baking with Grandma again, and bonus: avoiding spills on one’s tablet, phone, or laptop!

Enter the recipe binder. This is a tried-and-true option if you have family recipes passed down on cards, or simply want to downsize your cookbook collection by saving curated recipes and ditching the duds. Start by organizing and streamlining your recipe collection, and rewrite or print recipe cards as needed.

To increase the longevity of your cards and avoid stains, Recipe Card Sheet Protectors are helpful but can be fiddly if you plan to frequently rearrange your collection. Tip: Decide how you want your recipes organized before you start putting cards into sheet protectors! Think beyond the usual cookbook chapters and make your binder truly custom to avoid wasting time in the kitchen looking for a certain recipe. Here are some potential category options that could inspire you to decide how best to sort your collection:

  • Type of Dish
  • Main Ingredient
  • Seasonal
  • Occasion
  • Style of Cooking
  • Country of Origin

If you want a small, portable collection that doesn’t take up much space, a Mini 3 Ring Binder fits the bill. If you have an extensive collection of recipes, consider a regular letter-sized 3 Ring Binder. Recipe Card Sheet Protectors are available to fit mini and letter size binders.

Those are the basic components, but feel free to gussy up your binder by adding index tabs (or custom index tabs!), dividers, a front index of all the recipes, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

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