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Choosing the right organization plan for your work style is much like choosing the right shoes for your sport. When you have the right tools, whatever you are doing from writing briefs to running races is that much easier. Maybe you have never given any thought to which style is best for you. Use the following tips for a few ideas to improve your work flow and boost productivity to boot.

Work style = Visionary

You are a big picture person. You have a clear idea of where you are going with a project. How you arrive at the big picture may be a little fuzzy, but you are good at helping others generate enthusiasm for the vision.

Organization tips – Go for visible and bold. Bindertek offers a magnetic glass board that works for not only for presentations, but also for notes, reminders and group brainstorming that helps flesh out your big ideas.

Visionaries find inspiration in the things around them. Keep your files, professional journals, and project notes close at hand with our classic boxfile. This open organizing system offers functional elegance for more creativity and less clutter.

Work style = Tactician

You get great satisfaction in making a list or work plan and conquering it. You are singularly focused on the task at hand and little distracts you from it. Others count on you to get things done and it is important to you not to let them, or yourself, down.

Organization tips – Go for files and binders that help you keep track of projects. Bindertek offers a one-touch binder series that is designed for maximum efficiency. Add pages easily, lay flat for convenient access to pages and add customized tabs for time saving filing done your way. Store up to 40 binders in a desktop carousel for easy reference and quick access that helps you move seamlessly between projects.

Work style = Sprinter (also known as the procrastinator)

You often put things off until the last minute. When you do get going you do so with gusto, racing to the project finish line like a sprinter. Your work style sometimes leads to feelings of anxiety and guilt but you soothe yourself with the knowledge that you always come through in the end.

Organization tips – If you don’t have a visible calendar, get one ASAP. Don’t let that next deadline be the one you miss. Bindertek offers easy to navigate calendars with multi-colored yearly tabs to organize your accounting, correspondence, reports and more by month or quarter. This is perfect for sprinters because you are very good at planning projects and tasks. Notepads are also a must have. Use one to collect your project ideas and notes so that when you are finally ready to get started, you aren’t starting from ground zero. Consider a desk organizer too. Desk organizers help you keep unfinished work near as a reminder but not center of the desk as a guilt trip.

Work style = Team player

You get your work energy and ideas from being part of and interacting with the team. You think better when you can bounce ideas off of others and like the camaraderie of group projects. Going it alone is okay sometimes, but not too often. You are good at building on the ideas of others and often leave your desk to get your creative juices flowing.

Organization tips – Have files and notes – will travel. Bindertek offers a wide selection of tablet cases, totes and briefcases that help you keep everything protected and organized. Use quick file folders in a variety of colors so you don’t grab the wrong one on the fly.

Work style = Creative, yet chronically disorganized

You are good at seeing solutions and enjoy the process of working a project but your office is a black hole. Every piece of paper that hits your desk promptly vanishes. There may even be lots of paper piles around, mountainous testaments to all your great ideas. You have great ideas that you write on slips of paper that get lost. You are a diamond in your field but disorganization dulls your chance to shine.

Organization tips – Think outside the box. Modular desk organizers and boxfiles are a good option for you. They help you tame the piles, but don’t panic. Your work is organized but not hidden.  These easily accessible tools are attractive and can live right on your desk. That means no more eating lunch on top of papers and files. Opt for a notebook too. Notebooks are made for great ideas and you have plenty of them.

Your style is uniquely your own. Understand it and let it work for you. If you haven’t given much thought to how your system of organization supports or detracts from your work, do it now. Let Bindertek help. We have a variety of supplies for every style.


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