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Do you feel like you’re battling against the clock trying to get everything done? Combat disorganization and improve your productivity with a few key upgrades to your routine, supplies, and thinking.

Switch to binders.

If your office has a high-volume of paperwork to deal with, upgrade your document storage to a binder system. With easily-identifiable spine labels and pre-printed index tabs, binders allow you to find your important paperwork quickly and take less time to flip through than a traditional filing cabinet or folder full of unsorted pages.

Color code everything.

We can identify colors faster than text, making color coding an easy switch to improve office organization. All kinds of binders, organizers, folders, and desk accessories are now available in an array of hues, enabling you to make the swap in no time. If you hate fiddling with the tiny plastic label tabs on file folders or have handwriting that other employees are unable to read, color coding removes both of those issues.

Create a process checklist or workflow.

For routine tasks, it’s all too tempting to zone out. Create a process checklist for yourself to keep track of frequent tasks to ensure you complete all the steps, rather than getting distracted checking your email halfway through. If you need assistance for your daily routine, set up a workflow with visual triggers to keep you on track.


Visual map of desktop paper flow

Plan your day.

Take a few moments to plan your workday in advance, whether you do it at the end of the previous day or in the morning before settling in. By forcing yourself to write your workday down on paper, you’ll be able to prioritize your tasks and better recognize any filler to-do list items that can be pushed to another day.

Delegate and collaborate.

You likely feel too busy because you are! Push yourself to delegate tasks to others and improve your collaboration skills to take stress off your plate. Designating a central area where you can work together with others and leave notes about shared tasks will help foster a collaborative environment.

Take time to figure out what areas of your work day could use an update to benefit from increased focus, more efficiency at work, and to reduce your stress.


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