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Which Binder Is Best For Me?

July 21, 2017

Binders are useful for far more than homework and classes. From the courtroom to the boardroom, at the home office and even at your potting bench, binders make things better. You know binders are good to use, but how do you know whether to choose one of our Premium Binders or one of our Everyday Binders? Here are a few ideas.

Functional Tasks

For daily usage (think gardening, school, or recipe binders), our Everyday Binders are a great durable option. Don’t be afraid to get them a little dirty—vinyl covers wipe clean with ease, so you can use them regularly without worry!

Heavy Duty Tasks

When your work is dusty, dirty, messy, or exposed to the elements, look no further than our premium Heavy Duty Metal Binders. These are ideal for construction sites, warehouses, and other controlled work environments.

Budding Collectors

If your preteen wants to start a Pokémon collection, the Everyday Binder is ideal. They’ll love the bright colors and sharp accent details, while you’ll love that their binder stays intact despite them toting it to school and dropping it on their bedroom floor.

Custom Presentations and Portfolios

Think of your intended audience. An Everyday View Binder is one option, as you can customize the clear front cover pocket with an attractive cover sheet or display a design from your portfolio. If you’re applying for an executive-level position, a leather binder is likely to impress your interviewers.

Gifts and Keepsakes

Put your best foot forward and make your recipient feel extra special by choosing a premium binder for your gift. Leather and faux leather binders have a classic appearance and will look impressive on your recipient’s bookshelf or coffee table. Perfect for photo albums, a family recipe archive as a wedding gift, a scrapbook, or a genealogy binder.

Whatever the project, binders make it better. Choose the binder that fits your intended use for the best binder experience possible.

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