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You Need A Planner

May 17, 2019

In her Motion to Organize weekly column, lawyer Jennifer Gumbel talks organization, productivity, and more.

I thought I was not a planner person.

I had a planner when I was a new adult (in the pre-digital era by the way…. I actually had to write down people’s contact info). And it served me well from high school through planning a wedding. But, as I connected with people over Facebook and kept my calendar on Outlook, I really didn’t see a need to have a planner anymore. I was never one to diligently write down my plans anyway. Even when I didn’t have an iPhone and Windows Suite available at all times, my entries were sporadic at best. I jotted info down on an as-needed basis. Let’s say I take a minimalist approach to journaling.

But you know what I did have? Lots of legal pad sheets and post-it notes floating around. As I became a full-fledged attorney and mom and home-owner and blogger and podcaster, I started having a ton of ideas, thoughts, lists, deadlines, and creative brainstorming doodles that didn’t neatly fit on my work Outlook or my Pinterest page.

There are just some things I need to jot down and refer to without opening an app or logging on my office computer. I guess I need a planner, and I’ll venture to say you do too.